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Is Your Refrigerator Running?


It gets hot here in the summertime. There’s no question about it. Charleston heat can be summed up in a single word: brutal. On one of those unbearably humid days where the mercury keeps climbing and there’s not a cloud in sight in the Lowcountry sky, nothing beats grabbing an ice cold drink out of the refrigerator and spending a relaxing afternoon on a shady veranda. But if you want the cold drinks to keep coming throughout the summer months, there are some things you should be doing to take care of your refrigerator and keep it running in top form.

  1. Care for your condenser coils: This is a big one. And doing it can not only spare you a big headache but also a major repair bill. Have you ever run your hand along the top of your refrigerator? Pretty gross, right? Lots of dust. Well that dust isn’t just getting caught down and around your fridge, it’s also getting pulled up into your condenser coils. And if it piles up, it makes the fan have to work harder to regulate the temperature. Wait too long and you might just have to replace it. Not good. So a few times a year take some time to clean the dust out of your condenser coils. They can be tricky to find but are usually below or behind your unit. And try not to use a vacuum to clear the dust. I know it’s tempting but you run the risk of bending or misshaping the coils. So stick to plain ole elbow grease.
  2. Change out the water filter: If you are looking to toss a few cubes into that glass of sweet tea you’re going to want to make sure your water filter is still good. If you’ve hit the replace-by date, then it’s time to trade it out for a new one. An old filter can cause a number of problems for a unit but luckily it’s a pretty easy fix.
  3. Check your gasket seal: You know that rubbery seal that runs along the perimeter of your refrigerator and freezer? That’s your gasket and it seals in all that refrigerated air, keeping everything at that perfect temperature. But, like anything else, these gaskets can get pretty filthy and crack over time. Make sure you take some time to clean out your gaskets with some soap and water. And if you find a crack or tear, look into replacing it. It’ll keep your unit from overworking itself and save you money in the long run.

So there you have it. Some quick and easy fridge care tips to get you through the hot Charleston summer. Now all that’s left is to pour yourself another tall glass of something cold and relax.