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Caring for your HE Washer Dryer

HE Washer Dryer

High Efficiency washers and dryers are an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Not only do they cut down on water and electrical costs, but they often come with a slew of fancy features. They are compact and fit well in the older interior layout of Charleston homes. Let me tell you, once you have a dryer that steams your clothes for you it’s hard to go back. The one complaint I hear about HE models time and time again, though, is that they tend to be high maintenance. Well I’m here to tell you there are a couple quick and simple changes you can make to your laundry routine to cut down on maintenance and keep your HE models running in tip top shape.

The Washer:
We’ll often get calls from our clients that their washer isn’t running a full cycle, the water level is off or that it won’t stop blinking a warning light. Nine times out of ten, this is a sensor issue. High Efficiency units are outfitted with high tech sensors to ensure optimal care for your clothes. These sensors are, well, sensitive, and liquid detergents and heavy fabric softeners can actually cause a film to build up on them. The result: your washer misfires. Try switching to powdered detergent options or, if you’re married to your liquid brand, go light on the detergent. This will keep that build up down. And every couple of weeks run an empty cycle, either with just water or an HE unit cleaner just to clean everything out.

The Dryer:
So it just won’t dry for you, huh? Yup, you guessed it, chances are this is yet another sensor issue. These high tech models use internal sensors to detect when your laundry is ready to go and, like the washer, they can misfire if not cared for properly. Just like liquid detergents can cause a build up in your washer, dryer sheets can do the same for your dryer. Now we’re not going to recommend that you stop using them all together. After all, they are what gives your laundry that perfect clean smell everyone loves. But rather than tossing several in with your load, try cutting down to just a half a sheet. You’ll still get all the clean laundry goodness but will significantly cut down on the wax build up in your unit.

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